The Beatles..Yesterday And Today..1st State Butcher Cover Stereo Orig Shrink '66

$7,775.00 USD
May 16, 2018 - 12:45:55 AM GMT (7 months ago)
The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318779 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318781 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318785
This is The Beatles...Yesterday and Today...Capitol Records ST2553 Stereo LP 1966 Original 1st State Butcher Cover...story on this LP is that a friend of a DJ asked for the cover after the DJ got this original issue to DJ's from Capitol. He got the notice that the cover would be recalled and for the DJ to send back or discard. The radio DJ only wanted the LP anyway to play on air. So the vinyl was kept by the DJ and the friend got the cover, therefore the vinyl here is a replacement and not original to this cover. Sleeve: VG+++with original factory shrink...see pics Vinyl: VG++ with very few fine hairline scratches Los Angeles Pressing "star" Matrix side one: ST-1-2553-B-14....side two:ST-2-2553-B-18 Tracks: see cover pic. Copy of Capitol records letter to DJ's enclosed..... On May-06-18 at 07:41:41 PDT, seller added the following information: In addition to all the great news about this cover, here's more I need to mention. As the story goes, the DJ got this before the release to public and when the friend asked for the cover from the DJ the record was pulled out and a record has never been back in the cover. This eliminates the possible indention of the LP on the cover, which there is none. Also, the front cover paper is of the textured type and can feel, it is not a smooth slick feel. Early Los Angeles production, which this is, used this textured type of paper....there is a bump on the corner also I needed to point out, see pic. On May-06-18 at 08:46:28 PDT, seller added the following information: I have one more pic concerning the corner bump. Limit reached on the pics...I can send the extra closeup of the corner showing the slight damage. Request pic and I'll get it right over to any request. On May-08-18 at 11:50:34 PDT, seller added the following information: Message from an ebayer: hi real nice STEREO cover one I saw at auction in goldmine mag with all the correct paperwork from all the right beatle expert's to authenticate the lp. it sold at auction in new York city for 9000.00 and it too was a stereo butcher!!. My response to this message: On May-08-18 at 11:53:07 PDT, seller added the following information: My response to ebayer message: On May-08-18 at 11:58:54 PDT, seller added the following information: My answer to ebayer message: Thanks for the info. This Stereo butcher cover is also 100% authentic, guaranteed...It is an early L.A. mfg DJ issued ST-2553 On May-13-18 at 17:38:49 PDT, seller added the following information: There has been a couple inquiries about breather holes in the shrink wrap made at factory when applying the plastic shrink: There are on this album two tiny holes to allow air to escape during the shrink process at the factory. One is about an inch above slightly to right of John's head and the other is straight down on John's chest, both on the front
May 06, 2018 - 12:45:55 AM GMT (7 months ago)
The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318787 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318792 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318797 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318798 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318802 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318804 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318809 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318811 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-1st-state-butcher-cover-stereo-orig-shrink-66_39318814


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