The Beatles Yesterday and Today Unpeeled Butcher Cover Capitol T-2553 (nice)

$798.00 USD
August 10, 2018 - 12:47:48 AM GMT (4 months ago)
The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149753 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149774 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149808
Here is an original Beatles Yesterday and Today Butcher released on Capitol Label T-2553. Album and cover are in very nice condition. The vinyl record or jacket has not been cleaned or tampered with. Not an audiophile here so I know when to leave well enough alone. Jacket does show some scuff marks and some discoloration from normal ageing. The inside sleeve that the record fits into has a tear on the one side, the seams and paper all look good, no tears. If you hold record up to light you can see some small surface scratches. Not very many. Album lays flat and no warpage. You do see Ringo's black collar clearly visible to the right of the trunk. All in all this album is in very nice condition for 53 yrs. old. See pics.
August 03, 2018 - 12:47:48 AM GMT (4 months ago)
The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149835 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149841 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149855 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149868 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149876 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149884 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149888 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149889 The-beatles-yesterday-and-today-unpeeled-butcher-cover-capitol-t-2553-nice_41149890


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