The Bones of J.R. Jones - Dark Was the Yearling LP 12" vinyl

$4.99 USD
September 27, 2014 - 12:02:34 AM GMT (almost 8 years ago)
Vinyl is New MINT & Cover NEW SEALED condition. I try to give to the best of my ability give a detail description of each item. I don't play every record from beginning to end but I will upon request. I will visually look at every record and I will use the following grading scale outlined below. I will respond promptly to all emails and I list for at least 7 days to allow for questions. I will never sell an item knowingly that skips or is defective so please keep that in mind when you receive your item and the condition is not what you expected. All records, Laserdisc, reel to reel, etc.. will be shipped Media Mail and as you well know can be slow but if you desire a different method of shipment let me know and I will make price adjustment at invoice. I ONLY SHIP TO U.S. & LIMITED COUNTRIES. I print out labels straight from eBay so the address you have listed on your account is the one your item will be sent to. If you want it sent to a different address then you will have to change it on your end and if there is an error in your address then you will have to correct it before shipment. I give tracking # on all items and if the Post Office says it was delivered then that is what I go by. If your mail carrier has a habit of leaving your packages outside or in an undesirable area please work that out with them to change for I have no control over where your mailman places your mail. I do request that all payments be made within 7 days unless you request an extension. A specific detail for each item is given but the please follow the word key below. Please look at photos carefully. I do take many more and keep on file so if you have an issue with your received item being damaged or item not as described then I will be able to match any and all discrepancies with before photos and compare to after photos. I do offer a 14 day return policy & if I am not contacted within that time frame I assume you are happy with your item. If you feel the item was grossly misrepresented in the listing, please notify me first to see if we can resolve it civil. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes but I try to offer all items extremely lower than all others of the same caliber and I want to keep passing this savings on to you. I sell items from MINT/NEW to GOOD. Grading both covers and vinyl can be very subjective. What one person may think is VG+ another may say it is VG. In saying that, please review pictures carefully and email any questions before bidding. Combined shipping is available for U.S. only at a rate of an additional $1 per item. For example: $3.99 for 1, $4.99 for 2, $5.99 for 3, and $6.99 for 4, etc... Shipping caps at $9.99 no matter how many records purchased and applies only if Media Mail is used. If other items are purchased that are not records then shipping for those items will be included but at a different rate. I strive to only charge what it costs to ship so if multiple items are purchased I will ship at the most cost effective way for you. I do mail records in an LP mailer and multiple items will be separated by bubble wrap and all are cushioned by same. Once again, please notify me first before opening a case so any issues you may have can be settled in a professional way. I understand how frustration can set when an item is received that is not exactly what was expected either as a result of shipping damage, listing error, etc.. but I will strive to provide a hassle free resolution. Thank you and happy bidding! GRADING FOR VINYL:Sealed: Only used for sealed records. Sealed records are assumed to be mint but, since they're sealed, I can't tell the condition for sure. Condition is Near Mint. Near Mint: Not perfect but close. A very minor scuff and very little else can appear on the vinyl and would have occurred during packaging, or removing the record from the inner sleeve. Has been handled with extreme care. It should play without any noise over the flaw and the flaw should be very hard to see. VG+: VG+ records may show some slight signs of wear which includes light scuffs or very light scratches that do not affect the listening experience. Slight warps that don’t affect the sound are OK. VG: Light scratches, slight background noise possible when played. VG record has surface noise and some scratches may be audible, especially in soft passages and during a song’s intro and ending. However, the noise will not overpower the music.Good: Record plays without skipping but does have surface noise. Scratches, scuffs and groove wear all possible on this condition. GRADING FOR COVER:MINT: Used for records that are brand new. Condition is flawless and edges, corners have no crease or bends. Shrink wrap is intact without any tears.NEAR MINT: Wrap is intact but might have a slight tear or the corners might have slight bend or crease usually resulting in handling.VG+: Cover has minor issues with corners or edges and possibly has a ring imprint or mild scuffing or discolorations.VG: Cover has moderate issues with corners or edges.GOOD: Cover has significant issues with corners or edges. Seams may need re-glue and spine may be detaching.
September 20, 2014 - 12:02:34 AM GMT (almost 8 years ago)


  1. A long shot but I don't suppose this never sold and you still have it?