The Dailey Trio -Jesus Use Me -Private Xian LP -Beehive hairdos riyl Faith Tones

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January 23, 2014 - 07:59:59 PM GMT (over 8 years ago)
The Dailey Trio- Jesus Use Me, released by no label in particular (RIS2398A/B) (CS 7118) sometime during the 1960's out of Columbus, OH. Original Pressing!- (see photos). *Original Pressing of this 'Real People' Outsider Country Gospel gem, featuring some very funny & endearing vocal harmonies. And you gotta like the very quaint cover.* Vinyl grade: VG+ Cover grade: VG My Grading is partially based on Goldmine Magazine’s Grading System, but it is more conservative. I do not use the Mint or NM grades, and I take my record grading very seriously. See my full guarantee below! My Grading Scale: Factory Sealed / Excellent / VG+ / VG / VG-…. Factory-Sealed: A tightly factory-sealed record (not a reseal, not a cut-out) that to all appearances has never been played. It might have a few, very minor breaks in the seal and possibly some incredibly minor edge & shelf wear, but it should essentially look like new old store stock. Excellent: Virtually flawless, stunningly beautiful, as close to perfect as it gets. The vinyl might have 1 or 2 exceptionally minor scuffs. This record should sound absolutely perfect. An excellent cover will look virtually flawless. The only flaws it might show are some incredibly minor edge wear. VG+: This record will still have a very rich luster and will still be in beautiful shape. It is essentially the same as an Excellent record, but with a few more very light surface scuffs. It will not have any scratches whatsoever. It will sound very very close to absolutely perfect. A VG+ record will have anywhere from none to all of the following flaws: It might have very light crackles in between tracks. If any other crackles are heard, the vinyl is VG or worse. You might hear 1 to 4 very light pops during the duration of an LP side and 1 to 2 very light pops during the duration of a 45rpm or 78rpm side. Covers will still be in beautiful shape and might have some very minor edge & ring wear and some incredibly minor crease & seam wear (with no splits whatsoever). If the cover has any more wear beyond these limited, minor defects, it is VG or worse. VG: This is where my grading gets especially conservative. I believe VG records should still have a rich luster, but there might be a very slight loss to the original luster. They will show a fair amount of very light surface scuffs and possibly some incredibly light scratches. VG records will still sound very very nice, but you might hear 5 to 10 light pops during the duration of a record’s side. And you might hear some very light crackles during quiet musical passages. VG records should not have groove wear (these cases are VG- or worse). The surface noise on a VG record should be relatively minimal and infrequent. The full dynamics of the music will not be compromised by this relatively light wear. VG covers will have a little bit more wear than a VG+ cover but will still look very nice. They might show some minor seam-splits (but not completely separated), some very small writing in ball-point pen, a slight loss of color, very minor sticker residue or possibly some fairly minor crease & ring wear. VG-: Surface wear on a VG- record will be more apparent. It will show a fair amount of fairly light scratches and scuffs, but should still retain some luster. It might show some fairly minor groove wear but nothing extreme. A VG- record will still have strong sound dynamics, but a considerable amount of pops and/or crackles will be heard in the background of the sound. This audible wear will be somewhat frequent but not constant. (If the surface noise is truly constant, it is G+ or G, as long as there are no skips or jumps.) A VG- record must still be a very enjoyable listen and is essentially an “acceptable” copy. A VG- cover might have a full-seam split, a fairly minor tear from an old price-tag, a considerable amount of seam, crease or ring wear, etc. There might be some writing on it in large black marker, but it must not be significantly obtrusive. It might have some minor seam repairs with clear tape. A VG- record will have a fair amount of wear, yet will still look pretty nice, or “acceptable” overall. I rarely will list anything below the VG- grade. If I do, the record will be very rare, and I will explain the condition defects in full detail. Combined Shipping within the U.S. is $0.50 for each additional LP you purchase. If you buy many records from me, I can ship them all together in one box, and charge you the actual cost I pay at the post office. If you need an invoice, just contact me. Combined Shipping for International customers is $4.00 for each additional LP you purchase. Please keep in mind that once you reach 4 pounds (roughly 4 LPs+), 1st Class International is no longer a shipping option, and you must ship Express. My Full Guarantee- U.S. buyers, if you feel your purchased item was not as it was described, I can offer you a full refund (price+shipping) upon return of the item to me, and I also will pay for the return shipping! Returns will cost you nothing. If you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact me via ebay messages, and I will be more than fair and reasonable in handling the situation. Mistakes do happen. If there is a problem, please contact me before you leave your feedback. Thank you kindly. Please take a look at my store. I sell nothing but music and pride myself on offering only music of the highest quality. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Please communicate with me via ebay messages, not e-mail, and I will get back to you right away.
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