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DIAPASON 1° THE GREEN BIRDS 1974 V.D.L. label PROMO pressing, STEREO-MONO, cat. 33 V.L. 027, Italy.ULTRA-RARE ITALIAN LIBRARY LP - GRAIL ALERT! MEGA-RARE, very hard to find and basically almost never showed up original 1st pressing of this Italian Library beauty - released on very limited run in 1974. Spaced-out and totally outstanding obscure jam from the same small label of Black Fire - Cream, with music signed the mysterious studio combo 'The Green Birds' behind which are the great composer Franco Bonfanti, Romano Rizzati (Corfull) and Renato Sperduti (Myrval). Amazing Library music with several mental jams and shades of the infamous Braen's Machine 'Underground'. A killer Underground studio production with Psychedelic dopeness all the way / raw percussions and drums / funky wah-wah and Fuzz guitars / superb Bossa and Lounge beats / Giallo Funk and dope obsessive grooves / Easy Listening and Library score themes. Striking sleeve artwork. Another insane LP you'll barely see again for sale from the late Italian Psychedelic era. Includes an original label business card signed by Franco Bonfanti in person. RARE! Soundclip HERE Enjoy the incredible Psychedelic trip of "UNDERGROUND" masterpiece with that sleazy sounds allover, distorted guitars and deep underound arrangements. The insane Tribal Psych "TAM TAM SHAKE" with esoteric vibes and obsessive rhythm, and the great raw Funk gem "RALLY" with Psychedelic wah-wah guitars and heavy drums. The superb Giallo Bossa beat of "AMBIENTE ELEGANTE" also comped on SPEEDBALL EXPERIENCE LP with its stunning refined groove. The mini-moog grotesque themed "GROTTESCO RITMICO" with dreamy Moog notes and groovy beats, and the great Giallo theme "GIALLO TENSIONE" with tense Psychedelic effects. One of the wilder samples of Jazz, Funk and Psych-steep Library records. STELLAR LP! SIDE A 1) TAM TAM SHAKE2) ROCK N°13) RALLY4) AMBIENTE ELEGANTE5) UNDERGROUND6) CANTABILE NOSTALGICO SIDE B 1) GROTTESCO RITMICO2) SUGGESTIONI3) CANTABILE N°14) RIFLESSIONI5) FISCHIO BAROCCO6) VISIONI7) AGRICOLO CON RITMO RECORD: NM shape, light surface marks not affecting the playing at the beggining of both sides, otherwise immaculate. Check the clip. COVER: pristine, MINT- archive shape. International shippings made by POST NL registered mail worldwide (Economic/Standard) or UPS STANDARD / EXPRESS SAVER (Expedited)Buy with confidence and enjoy the groovesLorenzoSONOR MUSIC EDITIONS(Established record label dedicated to Italian Library music and Soundtracks from 1970s)
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