The High Keys 45 Living A Lie/Lets Take A Chance DJ Promo Verve Record

$365.00 USD
January 13, 2018 - 02:00:37 AM GMT (11 months ago)
The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078043 The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078059 The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078070
Here we have a vintage 45 rpm record coming to you as found from a local estate sale. I am not qualified to accurately grade record condition, so please look carefully at my photos. It will come with the sleeve shown in my last photo, doesn't appear to be the original. I am listing many 45 rpm records this week. Please see my photos for more on condition. We ask that you read the description and look at our photos carefully before bidding. If you have any questions, please ask them before bidding. Check our other auctions for more interesting items freshly gathered from old Wisconsin estates. Please be prepared to pay for items within 4 days.
January 06, 2018 - 02:00:37 AM GMT (11 months ago)
The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078089 The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078108 The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078127 The-high-keys-45-living-a-lie-lets-take-a-chance-dj-promo-verve-record_36078140


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