THE SMITHS - Meat Is Murder (UK 1985 1ST PRESS VINYL ALBUM) Immaculate - NM copy

$79.69 USD
September 16, 2020 - 08:03:25 AM GMT (6 days ago)
This LP is in immaculate condition. I bought it in around 1987, brand new, from an independent retailerin Greenwich (long since shut down). It has always been storedin a protective plastic sleeve (supplied here) and so there is literally nowear to the edges of the sleeve.It has probably beenplayed less than a dozen times, because the only tracks I really liked were thetitle track and “That joke isn’t funny anymore” - I prefferred "The world won;t listen" LP much more. As I had a 12” copy of “Thatjoke..”, I used to play that instead.I have test played the LP and it is likenew (no surface noise etc.).I would say only twothings prevent this record being graded “Mint”.Firstly the INNNER sleevehas a crease on one corner (lower right, when viewing the side with the songlyrics).Secondly, under close inspection, there are a coupleof slight indentations in the back of the outer sleeve – only visible if thesleeve is held at a specific angle to the light. They are both very faint and “Ablind man would like to see it.”, as my dad would say. I have tried tophotograph these. One is just above and left of the word “THE” (track one) andthe other one is a couple of inches above and left of that. Either or bothcould have occurred before I bought the record. Please refer to photos to check....In viewof the essentially pristine condition of the record overall though, I wouldstill grade it as NM for sleeve and vinyl.PLEASE CHECK MY MOST RECENT FEEDBACK TO REASSURE YOURSELF OF MY HONESTY / INTEGRITY, WITH REGARD TO GRADING MY RECORD COLLECTION.Allvinyl is sent in 12" card with thick cardboard packaging foradditional protectionFREE UK POSTAGE:Royal Mail 1st Class, Signed For Postage (due to high value of the LP)Europe (International Signed): £ 10.00Rest Of The World (International Signed): £ 14.00
September 06, 2020 - 08:03:25 AM GMT (16 days ago)
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