The Spencer Davis Group ‎- Spencer Davis' Greatest Hits, 1968 M- Lp.

$4.99 USD
February 14, 2018 - 01:24:47 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
The-spencer-davis-group-spencer-davis-greatest-hits-1968-m-lp_36904146 The-spencer-davis-group-spencer-davis-greatest-hits-1968-m-lp_36904155 The-spencer-davis-group-spencer-davis-greatest-hits-1968-m-lp_36904174
* * USA bidders only ! * * I recently shut down a web site I had that specialized in nice condition collectable vinyl. I mostly only sold records in either EX or M- condition. Once in a while I'll have a VG++ record but that would be because it's a really hard to find record. I like my own record collection to be in nice condition, so that's why I choose to sell records that are in the same nice collectable condition that I like them to be in. I have a lot to sell on eBay so it's gonna take a long time to sell them all. So keep watching. The cover has some light to average shelf wear on the front only, as the back is in nice M- condition, being the only flaw to report. The record, held close under a bright light, shows only one harmless light hairline mark, that without holding it close under a bright light you wouldn't even notice them. It looks to have been played very little and It still has a nice high sheen. The inner Lp sleeve is a plain white color sleeve. This is a nice keeper copy. * * I mail out my records in a professional made box made for shipping records with 2 cardboard inserts, one on each side of the record. I remove the Lp from the cover for shipping so it does not cause any seam splits. * * I mail out records thru the USPS using media mail. I can offer priority mail, but you will need to contact me with your address so I can figure out the cost, as priority mail prices are based on your location. I do not make a profit on postage cost over-charges. I only charge enough money to pay for the shipping materials used. Right now the actual cost for medial mail for 1 Lp is $3.17, the shipping carton cost is $1.00 and the cardboard inserts are .40 cents each, ( that is my cost that I pay when I buy them ), so that's $1.80 + $3.17 = $4.99
February 07, 2018 - 01:24:47 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)


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