ultra rare soul 45 Johnny Blue Boy 'I'm Going Away' & 'Call Me' SCOTT # NRC 624

$17.49 USD
July 21, 2019 - 07:04:36 PM GMT (5 months ago)
Johnny Blue Boy SCOTT # NRC 624 "I'm Going Away" and "Call Me" near mint new old stock. both sides excellent soul written by Johnny The U.S. Post Office has done it again. I have no idea what the reason for it is and I am sure almost no one does. They have raised the overseas shipping another USD, but I will not change my shipping rates. God bless you all across the pond, Ray Sigman I apologize to all of you out of the US for the US POST OFFICE, though i don't believe they feel the same way. As many of you know shipping has been for some time now, for a 45 record for first class across pond 14.40 (USD) I will continue to charge 13.75 USD for up to three records AS LONG AS THEY ARE BOUGHT IN THE SAME WEEK (RECORDS ARE PACKAGED carefully and safely right AFTER THE AUCTION IS OVER) For the US, 3.75 for up to 3 records. I do NOT combine shipping from different weeks. If you bought 2 or 3 records and want combined shipping, they MUST be from the same Sunday. Combined shipping MUST be of the same day ending. I package my records well, and directly after the auction ends, and will NOT wait another week and repackage records! Thank you for your patience, and God bless everyone! Please feel free to request any sound clips but make sure you email directly from your email to siggyfour att.net. thank you. I believe I have my sound clip problem fixed. have a usb con. in my turntable and can transfer it from there. please make sure you email me directly from your own email. siggyfour att.net
July 14, 2019 - 07:04:36 PM GMT (5 months ago)


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