Vamipra and Satan's Cheerleaders. Elvis b/w I'm Damned. NM- Colored 45

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April 15, 2014 - 07:20:58 PM GMT (almost 10 years ago)
Vampira and Satan's Cheerleaders. I'm Damned b/w Tribute to Elvis. Living Eye Records(1987). Yellow Vinyl 45 rpm. Why aren't Satan's Cheerleaders one of the biggest bands in the world?Satan's Cheerleaders have been playing the most fuzzed-up psyched-out garage mayhem this side of the Mississippi since about 1985!! Led by drummer and vocalist, Jane Satan, they have been going at it for more than 22 friggin' years!! The current line-up has original guitarist and fuzz extraordinaire Mark Chapman back in the band after a 10+ year absence and bassist/vocalist Scarlet O'Horror... this current line-up has been pretty solid for about 8+ years now (which is a first for Satan's Cheerleaders). They've had quite a number of members go through the ranks including Candy Del Mar (The Cramps), Steve Pallow (The Beguiled, Necessary Evils, Haunted George), Gina Brune, the Michael J. Fox doppelganger Wade Kramer, and even legendary horror hostess Vampira(Halia Nurmi) to name but a few... They are truly a breath of fresh air in this stale and phony so-called "garage" scene in Los Angeles where most of the bands take themselves waaaaay too seriously... I've been lucky to see many Satan's Cheerleaders shows throughout the decades and I gotta say that they are on top of their game at the moment... their live set consists of a bizarre multimedia psychedelic reaction to biker movies, the Black Dahlia, the occult, with a heavy dose of fuzzy garage punk noise. The only existing footage of Nurmi in her Vampira character(made famous by her in the 50's) is Ed Wood's film Plan 9 from Outer Space, in which she speaks no lines. As a cult icon, she was later immortalized in the Misfits' "Graverobber from Outerspace." Nurmi befriended the band and when on to front her own punk group in the '80s, called Vampira and Satan's Cheerleaders. Condition Cover 7+ or EX foldout cover with some chipping/Record 8 or NM- see-thru yellow, a minty fresh copy. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal best. 1st class mail in USA only $4.00. Combine on shipping and save on postage. All Records are visually rated and not play tested. Based on condition, we only try to sell albums that you would gladly take home from your local independent record store for play or collectability. Delivery Confirmation will be provided for free with 1st class mail or priority mail option inside the USA. Satisfaction GRT!!!
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