Vanguard VSD 2150, The Weavers, Reunion at Carnegie Hall 1963 LP, TAS, **NM**

$76.00 USD
October 12, 2018 - 12:00:11 AM GMT (2 months ago)
Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520598 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520617 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520652
Vanguard VSC 2150, THE WEAVERS – “Reunion at Carnegie Hall – 1963” (original pressing). This is NOT a reissue – it is the original 50+ year old Vanguard LP that has spent many years on HP's TAS Super Disk List. The sound is very realistic with an EXTREMELY wide and deep stage. This is my own personal copy, and the vinyl surfaces are clean, glossy, and exceptionally quiet with NO pops, clicks or skips. There are a couple of barely audible tics and a couple of very light scuffs that makes no sound. The vinyl looks and plays near mint (NM). The labels are clean with no spindle marks (see photos), and the original inner sleeve is also NM. The gate-fold jacket is clean with no marks, but some scuffs near the corners of the spine (see photos). I would therefore grade the jacket as EX. In summary, this is a beautiful copy of this golden age recording that looks and plays virtually perfectly, but the jacket shows some very light wear. Feel free to return for a full refund if not completely satisfied. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - please pay shipping through eBay's Global Shipping Program.
October 05, 2018 - 12:00:11 AM GMT (2 months ago)
33 RPM
Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520686 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520719 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520756 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520775 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520784 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520792 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520796 Vanguard-vsd-2150-the-weavers-reunion-at-carnegie-hall-1963-lp-tas-nm_42520800


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