WHIRLPOOL Dr Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations 1991 NEAR MINT

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March 06, 2014 - 11:24:41 AM GMT (about 10 years ago)
FOR COMBINED POSTAGE RATES PLEASE SEE TABLE BELOW NOT EBAY ESTIMATES Seel 002 LP on 50 Seel Street Records label. 1991 WHIRLPOOL album "Dr Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations". Tracks are: Eye Am The Sky, Marshmallow Madness, Mr Phantasy, Mirrors, When Push Comes To Shove, Dovetail, Dreaming, Insomnia, Sugarblast, Eye Am The Sky. This terrific album is in stunning near mint condition. The vinyl shines absolutely beautifully and has not a mark. The labels show no spindle marks and have no damage to or around the spindle holes at all. The labels are beautifully clean and have no writing or marks.Inside the cover is a copied note and thick booklet about the band.The rough textured cover is in superb excellent plus condition except for a very neat 1 centimetre seam split in the middle of the top edge. No other rips, splits or tears. Perfect spine with no crushing. Perfect opening edges with no fraying. No handling marks. Great album. SUPERB EXAMPLE VERY LOW START PLEASE SEE POSTAL CHARGES FOR NON AND FULLY INSURED RATES BELOW: NUMBER OF LP’s UK 2nd class EUROPE Airmail REST OF WORLD Airmail 1 2.85 5.60 7.75 2 2.85 8.10 13.50 3 2.85 9.40 16.10 4 2.85 11.15 18.95 5 5.95 11.15 18.95 6 6.99 13.20 22.00 NUMBER OF LP’s UK 2nd class EUROPE Airmail REST OF WORLD Airmail 1 3.95 10.70 13.00 2 3.95 13.50 18.95 3 3.95 14.60 21.40 4 3.95 16.25 24.25 5 7.05 16.25 24.25 6 8.20 18.00 27.50 Please note that the above charges are taken directly from the Royal Mail website http://www.royalmail.com/ under price finder. These prices are based exactly on weight. I MAKE NO MONEY FROM MY POSTAL CHARGES. I pack with strong card and the records are taken out of their sleeves and placed in polythene record covers. If more than three LP’s are bought, these will automatically be sent in a strong cruciform box. I go to the post office every two days but please allow at least 10 days before asking where your parcel is. It will have been sent but I am unable to say how long Royal Mail will take to deliver.
February 27, 2014 - 11:24:41 AM GMT (about 10 years ago)
LP (12-Inch)


  1. Hello, What is the text? Is it about Dr Phibes and Thowe? Thanks Regards FP