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January 22, 2019 - 07:44:44 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795601 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795604 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795607
******************************************************************************YUIKONGA - ENDLESS ENDLESS - SHINODA ETSURO: “Dare ni mo Shirarezu ni Kieru Shika nai sa” Label: PHILIPS Label Number:FX-8512 *** RARE 1st ORIGINAL 1971 JAPAN 1st PRESS !!!! *** Comes all-complete with rare lyrics insert!!!!*** Seriously rare Japan heavy psych LP that just never surfaces in 1stpress issue. 2ndpress turns up in single sleeve but 1stpressing w/ original gatefold jacket art is rare!*** Comes housed in heavy gatefold jacket. *** RARE 1st PRESS ORIGINAL!!!!*** GREAT CONDITION GRADING:LP Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint ~ top copy with shiny and glossy surface without any signs of much handling, hard to improve upon Gatefold Jacket: Excellent – great shape, very white sleeve without yellowing…hard to find better. Only very faint ageing wear visible. Thick & fully readable spine/ sharp corners and straight edges Lyrics Insert: Excellent Some words: YUIKONGA - ENDLESS ENDLESS - SHINODA ETSURO: “Dare ni mo Shirarezu ni Kieru Shika nai sa”. (Philips – FX-8512) 1st original pressing of this historic and wicked slide. Original copies just do not come up, 2ndpressings with the single jacket surface from time to time, but the 1st pressing in different jacket is near impossible to unearth, until now. Killer Japanese early seventies (1971) discs - Yuikonga record, a real hybrid and derailed passion filled slab of counter cultural vigor. Recorded in 1970 after that Shinoda returned back to Japan following a successful stay in New York with the Tokyo Kid Brothers "Golden Bat" production, the album was his musical statement to the end of a decade, all summed up in a musical testament (Yuikonga means Last Will and Testament Songs) that encapsulated all that had gone by and what was still to come. Hyper psychedelic masterpiece/ acid loner folk gem and one of the best discs to come out of Japan during that period. If you are into Tenjosajiki, Opera of Tadanori Yoko, Flowers, Flower Traveling Band's Satori, Food Brain, Melting Glass Box, etc, then this baby has written YOU all over it. This is the first original pressing. Great disc, ultimate psyched out loner acid folk dementia and Buddhist deranged crooner stuff. New to the e-bay game but long experience in selling records so bid with confidence. SHIPPING IS FROM JAPAN AND IS NOT 4$ - CHECK SHIPPING RATES HERE BELOW!!! Our grading scale: Mint/ Near Mint/ Excellent/ VG++/. We don’t sell anything below VG++. VG++ grade is basically that the record has some scuffs and has wear. Excellent: record has hardly no visible defects and is preserved with care and attention, the condition most collectors take pride in to file away. Near Mint: a dash below mint, just perfect. Mint: like new. Auction must be paid for within 3 days of its ending, no exceptions. Please await our invoice before paying!! Also please ignore the ebay’s shipping calculator since it gives you an incorrect shipping cost/total. Bid with confidence, items are graded accurately. Payment preferable PayPal, otherwise please inquire before sending money. Japanese bidders can send their payment either via PayPal in US$ or through Bank Transfer in YEN. Everything must be shipped by Registered Airmail or EMS Mail. No exceptions. SHIPPING COSTS= Registered Airmail to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $22 for 1 LP, $25 for 2 LP's, and $30 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to UK/Europe/Russia = $23 for 1 LP, $26 for 2 LP's, and $31 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to South America = $30 for 1 LP, $33 for 2 LP's, and $39 for 3 LP's.= For Asian countries = Because the charge of the Registered Airmail is the same as EMS, we automatically send out your package by EMS. See the EMS rate below. In case of purchase more than $200, item(s) must be shipped by EMS (Express Mail with internet tracking, and the insurance).= EMS Shipping to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $25 for 1 LP, $29 for 2 LP's, and $33 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to UK/Europe/Russia = $28 for 1 LP, $32 for 2 LP's, and $36 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to South America = $37 for 1 LP, $42 for 2 LP's, and $48 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to Asian countries = $20 for 1 LP, $23 for 2 LP's, and $26 for 3 LP's. Registered Airmail Shipping rates for EP’s: USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $12 for one EP; 15 for 2 EP’s and 18$ for 3 EP’sRegistered Airmail Shipping rates for CD’s: USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $10 for one CD and 12$ for 2 CD’sALL PARCELS OVER 2 KG WEIGHT MUST BE SHIPPED WITH EMS!!!********************************************************************************************************************************************************
January 15, 2019 - 07:44:44 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
33 RPM
Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795608 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795609 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795610 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795611 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795612 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795613 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795614 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795615 Yuigonka-endless-itsuro-shimoda-japan-orig-1971-psych-prog-fx-8512-pokora-ex-nm_44795616


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